Month 2 / February-March, 2000

New Members Noted, Thank You Very Much:

Tim Heberle (x2 hours), a big pan of lasagna, and a vat of chicken soup; Debbie and Greg Swabb (x4 hours), a vase full of daffodils, and access to a free hairdressing session for Lucille; A donation from "Anonymous"; a donation from Ms. Marilyn Crispell (!!!), one of the world's premier pianists (and one of the main subjects of my research) sent before leaving for her most recent European tour; Mary and David Blaetz sent a donation, big bags o' groceries, and a bouquet of flowers; Another anonymous someone left a sheet of poetry written for Lucille, long-hand on sky-blue paper, proclaiming "We have been lovers through eternity / It is I that comforts you while the world abandons you / I am the soft voice calling you home through the darkness..." signed simply: "Love"; and Denise and Jerome Swabb sent an enormous donation. What great friends we have, and because of it, we are maintaining.


Lucille at 13, dreaming of extended technique... Today's Special / Vermicelli Aglio-Oglio.


"There's no salt!"

"You told me not to put any salt on it."

"There's no sauce, it's dry!"

"You told me you didn't want sauce, just garlic and olive oil."

"What about salt?"

"You said no salt. Here. Here's the salt shaker"

[She sprinkles salt over it.]


"This would be okay if there was some flavor,
but you didn't put salt on it..."

"You told me no salt."

"And there's no sauce."

"You said no sauce."


"What kind of thing is this, no salt???"

"Hey, you told me not to put ANY salt on it."

"And it's dry, no sauce or anything..."

[She begins to dribble water over it.]


"I don't believe you would give me this with no salt."

"Uh. You told me not to put ANY salt on it, AND that you wanted it
with garlic and olive oil instead of sauce. Okay?"

"But it's tasteless."

"Might this have something to do with all the water you've poured on it?"

[Screws up her face and looks at me in disgust:] "You can't cook?
It needs some sauce on it, and you need to salt the water."

"I ALWAYS salt the water, I've been salting my water for many years."

"You didn't salt this water..."


"This has no taste at all. Not enough salt."


"It needs salt!"


"Couldn't you have put some sauce on this?"

[Taking a deep breath:]
"You told me no sauce, just garlic and olive oil."


"It lacks salt."


[Finishing the last bite:]
"It would've been much better if it had some salt and a little sauce on it."

[Getting up out of my chair, walking over to her, bending to her,
putting my finger firmly on her arm:] "Look. You specifically told me to make you Vermicelli, which I did, with garlic and olive oil, which I did, and to put no sauce and also NO salt on it,
which I did not. Try to remember this now. We've gone over this like ten times
in the past eight minutes, okay? Try to remember that we have done this already.
Please. No salt, no sauce, because that's what you specifically asked for. OKAY!?!"

"If you say so..."

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