1. Grom Who
    A piece written December 11, 1999. An accounting of the heart attack.

    the week that was
    A piece written on the events December 29th through January 9th, 2000.

  2. LUCILLE, A Reverential Journal of the Care of the Beloved Hag
    Month 1 / January-February, 2000 / Page 1:
    First Things First
    The Best Medicine
    Death Head

  3. The Wonderful World of Strokes
    LUCILLE Month 1, Pages 2-3.
    January 18th through January 30th, 2000.

  4. The Loved Ones Shall Gather Behind Him, and As One They Shall Shore Him Up
    More of That Goooood Medicine.
    LUCILLE Month 1, Page 4.
    Odds and Ends.

  5. How I Do Challenges / Help Comes from Everywhere...
    LUCILLE Month 1, Pages 5-6.
    How the 12.95 Club worked out. Members list
    Includes The Lucille Abbey 12.95 Club letter. How it all started.

  6. LUCILLE, A Reverential Journal of the Care of the Beloved Hag
    Month 2 / February-March, 2000 / Page 1:
    New Members Noted, Thank You Very Much
    MEMORY SERVES... Today's Special / Vermicelli Aglio-Oglio

  7. Seizures, Free Jazz, and the Island of Catatonia
    LUCILLE Month 2, Pages 2-3.
    A piece written February 9, 2000.

  8. How It Works / An Owner's Manual for the 1907 Model LUCILLE Compact
    LUCILLE Month 2, Pages 4-5.

  9. LUCILLE, Month 3 through 11...
    LUCILLE Month 3..., Page 6-7.

  10. LUCILLE, a Eulogy.

  11. Gallery Images.

  12. There will be so much more to come here.
    She left me with this story to tell...

The Deep Digging;
The Incantations;

The Inspirations;
All These Words...