A line is a collection of points.

The point is: to amass a sum For, greater than the sum amassed Against.

An angle is a figure formed by 2 lines extending from the same point,
   usually for about 335 feet.

A fan is a segment of circle devoted to a particular set of 9 numbers.

A diamond is a precious shape. Stone. Whatever.

Calculus is a system or arrangement of intricate or interrelated parts.

Intricate parts.

Interrelated parts.

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral having only 2 sides parallel.

At different times throughout history, humankind has assumed the numbers
    61, .406, and 755 to be the highest attainable, but then they've been wrong
    before about so many other things that I'm not even
    sure why I've mentioned it...

3 Strikes x 3 Outs x 9 Innings = The Ideal made flesh.

To gauge the complexity of a field, lay a grid upon it, and assay the multitude
    of details contained in each sub-section one after another after another
    until your eyes cross and they all blur together.

A trapezoid is a bone in the wrist at the base of the forefinger.

"Baseball particularly exhibits order, symmetry, and limitation;
 and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful."
 —Aristotle, Metaphysics, M 3, 1078 b.

©1998 Rick Lopez (text) & Art Becker (images)