"Art Becker's photographs are beautiful, and gifted writer Rick Lopez is able to perfectly sum up my life's work with a single sentence on scouting."

—Chuck Tanner
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations, Milwaukee Brewers;
Former manager of the 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates

Time Stops was released on Opening Day, March 31, 1998.

Photonica, with offices in Japan, New York, Toronto, and San Francisco, gave the book national exposure. MLB's Chuck Tanner was reading from the book at his speaking engagements at the time and was seen toting his copy through the Brewers' spring training camp. Tommy LaSorda and Mike Piazza passed a copy around at Dodgers camp.

There are five sample pages posted here, more to come if I get a spare moment....

[inside] Time Stops

    Photographs by Art Becker © 1998
    Story by Rick Lopez © 1998
    perfect-bound paperback / 54 pp. / 8 1/2 x 8 1/2
    S.D. Warren Strobe Gloss 120# cover / 100# text
    ISBN 0-9646065-1-8 $14.95

    With permission from MLB Properties