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Almost everything here is LIKE NEW, and if it's in merely VG condition I've lowered the price. Let me know if you'd like to avoid any scuffed jewel cases and I'll replace them before shipping.

VINYL: sight grading in my naïve way, but I am being cautious. If: (cover)VG+/EX(vinyl) then cover is nice with minor defects and LP is very clean. Nicks or scratches, I'll do a sound check. Other than that, I'm agreeable and easy to deal with on any issues that may arise. CDs are pristine, except for the occasional scuffed jewel case.
I make the P.O. a few times each week. I insure anything over $50 at my expense, UNLESS it's going overseas, then I'll list value as a $0 GIFT.

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ALCO/G.E. Locomotive

Catalogue, with a letter dated July 9, 1941, From and signed by Mr. W.C. Dickerman, Chairman of the Board,
American Locomotive Company. Addressed to Mr. S.T. Kuhn of the New York Central Railroad in Collinwood, Ohio.
Initialed at bottom by "L. J. P." with the note in pencil: "here is a good switch eng."

Earning Power

(click on images to enlarge)
Above: Front Cover, 12 x 15 inches, with hardcover boards,
and a heavy black plastic spiral binding.
Great condition.
Cover colors are faded, with very small dinks at corners.
Some surface scuffing, but nothing that detracts.
Inside has some scuffing as well, some fading on inside edges,
but you can see from the photos that all of the wear
is rather negligible.

In the page spreads photo montage to the right you have:
Pages 2-3 at top.
(Also shown with the fold-outs in the spread photo lower left.)
Pages 4-5; Pages 6-7; Pages 14-15; Pages 10-11.
There are 20 pages in all, so you're seeing the half of it.
Remainder are, in style and presentation,
most like page sets 10-11 and 14-15.

I've also included a photo of the letter.
It's a sales pitch!

Earning Power
Earning Power Letter

Accepting offers, starting at $150.00, until midnight, February 28th, 2013.

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DILLINGER: Volumes 1, 2, and 3, by Todd Moore...

Dillinger's Faces Cover I am currently selling two different versions of this set on eBAY. The First Edition Set includes a VERY RARE Kangaroo Court Publishing 1st Edition of Volume 1: The Name is DILLINGER (previously issued as a small-press stapled chapbook by Midwestern Writers' Publishing House in 1980), a 1st Edition Volume 2: DILLINGER's Faces, and a 1st Edition Volume 3: Billie F. These are listed at $11.99 for the set, plus $3.50 for media mail shipping.

I also have lower-priced Alternate Sets that include a REVIEW COPY of Volume 1, which is "perfect-bound," in its way; these were actually side-stapled and then sorta-kinda perfect-bound in the same cover as the actual item. The aesthetic difference being that the front and back have a slightly rumpled look along 1/4 inch of the spine side, and the impressions of the staples can be very faintly seen. These are listed at $6.99 for the set, plus $3.50 for media mail shipping.

Copies can be found listed at Amazon.com at much higher prices:
Vol.3, used in "good" condition for $39; Vol.2, used in "acceptable" for $10 and "VG" for $24; Vol.1, $57 in "good" condition (!!!), and on half.com for $144, and at antiquarian booksellers for anywhere from 35 American dollars to 64 Euros in Germany...]

Billie F Cover "Greatest poet of the American Plains since Sandburg"
—Kenneth Funsten, LA Times
"Impressively done, down to the blood spot on the first inside page"
—Robert Peters, Gargoyle (the blood is real)
"Todd Moore runs with Language and makes every word count"
—Elmore Leonard
"The scope of this project, and its contribution to American Literature, is perhaps
 unprecedented in the long history of small press publishing"

—Michael Coffey, Small Press Magazine
"A genuine modern primitive, in the best sense of the term"
—Paul Metcalf, Sulfur
"DILLINGER is sure to be a hit—as much a bestseller as could be expected
 in the poetry game..."

—Joe Napora, Small Press News
"pulls you into a frenzied mind""a joy to read"   "An American sleaze Oedipus Rex"
"DILLINGER is chant, litany, rite"   "a masterpiece"


The Name is Dillinger Cover I forget what I've been doing all these years! I published these back in the mid-to-late '80s. A planned 21-volume set, the project's success and immensity crushed me a short time after volume 3 came out. I still have copies left. I still think they're beautiful, and so did everyone else. Maybe you will too.

Progressively darkening red covers, perfect-bound, pages consecutively numbered, Volume 3 ends on page 75, so about 25 pages of epic-poetic text per book, I'll sell all copies with the blood spot first, and I'll make sure anyone ordering this premium set gets at least one volume appropriately blood-stained.

I'm sending half the profit after shipping to author Todd Moore.

All copies are NEW, but some have slight scuffing from following me around for twenty years.

Postage & Handling in USA = $3.50 Media Mail; Options, ask.
Please contact me for international rates or alternate payment procedures.

(The history of my publishing these begins here.)

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